Lore provides bonuses via Knowledges learned. There are 3 branches to the Lore Tree: Production, Military, and Economy, each with two more branches after an initial Knowledge.

For every 6 Lore Knowledge learned, you may select a Blessing from the Gods.

  • Freya's Blessing - Reduces loss of Food Food production during winter by 30%.
  • Baldr's Blessing - You gain +3 Happiness Happiness.
  • Jord's Blessing - You gain +20 Stone Stone and +10 Iron Iron.

Once you have 15 Lore Knowledges and 3 Blessings learned, you may unlock the last Blessing, Ancestral Knowledge, at which time, you win a Wisdom Victory.

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Below is a general overview where all Clans are Compared together. See each individual clan for their unique bonuses.

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Lore Sources Edit

  • Population - Lore is gained based on population size.
  • Loremasters - Produce lore at Circle of Stones, Runestones, Carved Stones, or at Relic of the Gods.
  • Sailors - Produce lore when on Lore Raids.
  • Shipbuilding - Increases Sailors' resource production by 30%.
  • Vedrfolnir - Healing the creature earns you +100 Lore.
  • Erudition - Gives Loremasters a 10% production bonus and the ability to build Carved Stones cheaper.
  • Altar of Kings - Provides +2 Lore Lore or +4 Lore Lore when reaching the lore Legacy, with Clan Boar.
  • Menders - When not healing, produce +1 Lore Lore each
  • Ruins - Scouting them with give you a very nice early boost to your learning of knowledge and blessings.

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