Improving your Clans Tools gives a small bonus to their abilities.

It costs 5 Iron Iron and 30 Kröwns Kröwns to improve a units tools.

Improvements apply to all units of that type.

Improvable Units Edit

Unit Unit Improvement
Warrior Increases AttackPower Attack Power by 15%
Healer Increases Healing speed by 15%
Miner Increases extraction of Stone Stone and Iron Iron by 15%
Farmer Increases Wheat (Food Food) production by 15%
Hunter Increases Meat (Food Food) production by 15%
Fishermen Increases Fish (Food Food) production by 15%
Woodcutter Increases Wood Wood production by 15%
Loremaster Increases Lore Lore production by 15%
Merchant Increases Kröwns Kröwns production by 15%
Sailor Increases Kröwns Kröwns production by 15%
Brewer Increases Happiness Happiness production by 15%

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