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The Clan of the Goat. When it comes to surviving in the dangerous conditions and building sturdy settlements, the Clan of the Goat has no rival. They will endure the harshest of winters and even prosper. Self sufficient survivalists, they work hard to make the most of every inch of their territory. Adaptable and resilient, they will be right at home on Northgard.

The biggest advantage lies in the unrivaled ability to strive with only little space available. Enhancing any areas with cheap extra building space and buildings that are able to occupy an extra worker can create by far the strongest economy among all the clans. Further enhanced by the option to trade away excess Food Food for massive Kröwns Kröwns income.

Starting BonusesEdit

  • Your clan members eat 5% less Food Food

Fame BonusesEdit

  • 200 Fame Fame
    • Feasting: Increases the production bonus of your feasts to 30%
  • 500 Fame Fame
    • Spare Tools: You gain 2 free tools to improve your villagers' productivity

Lore Tree Edit

Goat Lore
Lore Prerequisites Bonus
Sharp Axes - Your Woodcutters will produce 15% more Wood Wood.
Weaponsmith - Increases all your military units' AttackPower Attack Power by 20%.
Trading - Gain +2 Kröwns Kröwns production. Enables trading routes with Trading Posts.
Cooking Mastery Sharp Axes Reduces consumption of Food Food by 5%.
Mining Efficiency Sharp Axes Miner Miners extract 50% more ore from deposits.
Fur Coats Weaponsmith Your Warband Warband no longer has reduced power when fighting outside of your territory during winter
Barricades Weaponsmith Increases your civilians' resistance by 20% per building in the area.
Erudition Trading Gain +2 Lore Lore production.
Coinage Trading Your merchants will produce 30% more Kröwns Kröwns.
Recruitment Cooking Mastery or Mining Efficiency Increased population growth speed by 30%.
Amenities Cooking Mastery or Mining Efficiency Reduce by 80% the cost required to increas an Areas possible building limit.
Sharp Weapons Advanced Medicine or Militia Increases your military unit's AttackPower Attack Power by 15%.
Defensive Strategy Advanced Medicine or Militia Your Defense Towers resistance will be increased by 30%.
Shipbuilding Erudition or Coinage Increases Sailors' resource production by 50%.
Carpentry Mastery Erudition or Coinage Reduced your buildings' upgrade costs by 30%.
Hearthstone Recruitment or Amenities Reduces extra Firewood consumption during winter by 50%.
Industrious Recruitment or Amenities All Buildings can be assigned an additional villager if they are upgraded.
Legendary Heroes Sharp Weapons or Defensive Strategy Improves your Warchief's attack by 50%.
Feeling Safe Sharp Weapons or Defensive Strategy Gain +3 Happiness Happiness if you have a Warchief and +1 Happiness Happiness per upgraded Training Camp.
Negotiation Shipbuilding or Carpentry Mastery Reduces Marketplace prices by 30%.
Food Trade Shipbuilding or Carpentry Mastery Trading food increases your trading routes' Kröwns Kröwns income by 100%.

Other ClansEdit

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