The Harbor is a special version of the Longship Dock that can be created by the Raven Clan

The Harbor allows the player to hire Sailors, who will sail the sea and earn the player Kröwns Kröwns at a rate of +2 as well as Lore Lore at a rate of +1.5 (rounded up to 2) with one sailor, +3 with two and +4.5 (rounded up to 5) with three, or Fame Fame at a rate of +1 every 30 seconds with one sailor, +2 every 15 seconds with two, or +3 every 10 seconds with three.

In addition, The Raven Clan may pay 10 Kröwns Kröwns to explore a random coastal tile and pay 210 Kröwns Kröwns to hire Mercenaries. Mercenaries are uncontrollable offensive units that may be deployed on any Coastal tile the Raven player or their team has explored and will attack enemy players.

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