Happiness Happiness is the factor that determines how fast your Clans population will grow. While Happiness Happiness is 0 or above new Villagers will spawn at your Town Hall. The more positive Happiness Happiness you have, the faster new Villagers will join your clan. Happiness Happiness is determined by your clans Expected Happiness, i.e. Unhappiness, and Current Happiness, i.e. Happiness Sources.

Happiness Happiness must be managed carefully, especially on harder difficulties as Unhappy Unhappiness will cause your population growth to stop and Unhappy Unhappy units have a -20% production debuff.

The Eikthyrnir Clan can discover the Lore Young and Proud, which will increase Military Units AttackPower Attack Power by 2% for each positive Happiness Happiness.

Happiness Sources Edit

  • Territory - How many Areas your clan has colonized.
  • Brewers or Skalds
  • Food Reserves - Having a large surplus of Food Food.
  • Lore
    • Baldr's Blessing - +3 Happiness Happiness
    • Eikthyrnir
    • Huginn and Muninn
      • Feeling Safe - +3  Happiness Happiness per upgraded Training Camp
      • Journeymen - Increases your  Happiness Happiness based on the areas you have explored.
      • Wealth +1 Happiness Happiness for every Kröwns 300 Kröwns you have in stock
    • Heidrun
  • Clan Specific Sources
    • Fenrir
      • Starting Bonus - +1 Happiness  Happiness for each Military Unit

Unhappiness Sources Edit

  • Expected Happiness
  • Too many wounded units!
  • We're Freezing! - Not having enough Wood Wood for firewood
  • We're Starving! - Not having enough Food Food
  • We're Sick!
  • We want better houses! - Not having enough upgraded houses
  • We want a better Town Hall! - Not having an upgraded Town Hall

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