Disasters occur randomly, they are marked by an Disaster icon on the calendar to give you time to prepare.

  • Rat Infestation: Rats will devour a % of any Food Food not stored in Silos.
    • Hard: 80% lost
    • Medium 60% lost
    • Easy: 20% lost

Rat infestation will also sicken a certain amount of clan members.

  • Earthquake: Damages up to 3 buildings. Buildings require Wood Wood to Repair.
  • Blizzard: Reduces all production by 50%, and doubles firewood consumption.
  • Draugr Invasion: one Draugr will spawn out of each Draugr Portal on the map.
  • Volcano Eruption:
  • Blood Moon: All units gain 50% Attack outside of their territory for the duration of the Blood Moon.
  • Spectral Warrior Invasion: One or more Spectral Warrior will invade the coastline of your territory.