In Northgard you have to choose a Clan. It works similar to Factions/Races in other RTS Games.

Each Clan has his own Starting bonus, Fame bonus and a slightly differing Lore tree.

Image Clan Clan Animal Starting and Fame Bonuses
Fenrir 78x78
Fenrir Clan of the Wolf
  • Killing Wolves and Brown Bears provide Meat (20 for wolves, 140 for bears)
  • Military units eat 30% less food and provide happiness
  • 200 Fame (Assault): Your military units gain 15% attack bonus when fighting outside your territory
  • 500 Fame (Dominion): Your Berserker can colonize for free (with a cool down)
Eikthymir 78x78
Eikthyrnir Clan of the Stag
  • Start with +75 Food, Wood and Kröwns
  • Hall of Skalds replaces Brewery and provides additional Fame
  • 200 Fame (Supplies): Gain +150 Food, Wood and Kröwns, and +10 Stone
  • 500 Fame (Dedication): Upgraded buildings gain additional 10% production bonus
Heidrun 78x78
Heidrun Clan of the Goat
  • Start with 1 Sheep and can build the Sheepfold
  • Increases production of bonus of Feasts to 30%
  • 200 Fame (Spare Tools): You gain 2 free tools to increase villagers' productivity
  • 500 Fame (Team Work): Defense Towers and all Military units gain 20% resistance when feasting. You get 1 free Feast
Huginn and Munnin 78x78
Huginn and Muninn Clan of the Raven
  • Can colonize with Kröwns rather than Food
  • Can build a Harbor (replaces Longship Dock) to explore coastal areas and later send mercenaries to attack
  • 200 Fame (Recruits): Obtain +3 Villagers, 3 max population and +1 Happiness
  • 500 Fame (Mercenaries): You can hire Mercenaries at your Harbor and send them to raid coastal areas
Bjarki 78x78
Bjarki Clan of the Bear
  • Food and Wood penalties are reduced by 30%
  • Instead of having reduced power, your military units get 10% resistance bonus during Winter
  • Can summon Kaija, The Armored Bear at the Training Camp for 75 food (Cannot enter enemy territory)
  • 200 Fame (Kindred Spirit): Having Kaija or a Shield Maiden in an area, increases local production by 15%
  • 500 Fame (The Bear Awakens): You gain +3 Fame per enemy unit killed in an area with the  Shield Maiden. Your  Military units gain 1% power per 100 Fame
Slidrugtanni 78x78
Slidrugtanni Clan of the Boar
  • Mender's Hut replaces Healer's Hut. Mender's produce +1 Lore while not healing
  • Each additional territory gives +2 max population
  • No Happiness penalties for non-upgraded houses
  • 200 Fame (Heritage): 1 free Lore (doesn't count towards Lore Victory or Blessings)
  • 500 Fame (Greater Blessings):
    • ~Freya: Blizzard Penalty is hugely reduced (50%)
    • ~ Baldr: +5 Happiness
    • ~Jord: Warchief and upgraded tower get +10% Attack
Northgard snake clan
Sváfnir Clan of the Snake
  • Age 15 (The Cunning): You start with your warchief, the young Signy.
  • Iron is not needed to summon Signy
  • The clan doesn't have access to Fame. Signy grows up, getting strong and unlocking new abilities instead.
  • Age 16 (Pride of the Clan): Signy gains 5% move speed and can now attack at range
  • Age 18 (Tears of the Earth): Signy can use Scorched Earth to burn any area during 3 months (3 month cooldown). Burned zone: -50% production, snakes units and buildings +50% attack.
  • Signy moves faster and can go through tiles with foes without engaging combat
Northgard dragon clan
Nidhogg Clan of the Dragon
  • Your civilians can go into neutral territory.
  • No Happiness or production penalty for being wounded.
  • You start with Sacrificial Pyre. You can build a Dragonkin Altar instead of other military camps
  • Start with 2 Thralls and only 3 Viliagers. You can buy thralls from your Longship Docks
  • 200 Fame (Reluctant Workforce): Receive 5 Thralls. Your Dragon Essence gauge is extended, and bonuses are increased
  • 500 Fame (Tenacious Grudge): +10% attack power against an opponent for each victory condition in which they are ahead of you (Commerce, Lore and Fame). Your Dragon Essence gauge is complete, and bonuses are increased

Note: More clans may be added after the official release of the game!