In Northgard you have to choose a Clan. It works similar to Factions/Races in other RTS Games.

Each Clan has his own Starting bonus, Fame bonus and a slightly differing Lore tree.

Image Clan Clan Animal Starting and Fame Bonuses
Fenrir 78x78
Fenrir Clan of the Wolf
  • Killing Wolves and Brown Bears provide Meat (20 for wolves, 140 for bears)
  • Military units eat 30% less food and provide happiness
  • 200 Fame (Assault): Your military units gain 15% attack bonus when fighting outside your territory
  • 500 Fame (Dominion): Your Berserker can colonize for free (with a cool down)
Eikthymir 78x78
Eikthyrnir Clan of the Stag
  • Start with +75 Food, Wood and Kröwns
  • Hall of Skalds replaces Brewery and provides additional Fame
  • 200 Fame (Supplies): Gain +150 Food, Wood and Kröwns, and +10 Stone
  • 500 Fame (Dedication): Upgraded buildings gain additional 10% production bonus
Heidrun 78x78
Heidrun Clan of the Goat
  • Start with 1 Sheep and can build the Sheepfold
  • Increases production of bonus of Feasts to 30%
  • 200 Fame (Spare Tools): You gain 2 free tools to increase villagers' productivity
  • 500 Fame (Team Work): Defense Towers and all Military units gain 20% resistance when feasting. You get 1 free Feast
Huginn and Munnin 78x78
Huginn and Muninn Clan of the Raven
  • Can colonize with Kröwns rather than Food
  • Can build a Harbor (replaces Longship Dock) to explore coastal areas and later send mercenaries to attack
  • 200 Fame (Recruits): Obtain +3 Villagers, 3 max population and +1 Happiness
  • 500 Fame (Mercenaries): You can hire Mercenaries at your Harbor and send them to raid coastal areas
Bjarki 78x78
Bjarki Clan of the Bear
  • Food and Wood penalties are reduced by 30%
  • Instead of having reduced power, your military units get 10% resistance bonus during Winter
  • Can summon Kaija, The Armored Bear at the Training Camp for 75 food (Cannot enter enemy territory)
  • 200 Fame (Kindred Spirit): Having Kaija or a Shield Maiden in an area, increases local production by 15%
  • 500 Fame (The Bear Awakens): You gain +3 Fame per enemy unit killed in an area with the  Shield Maiden. Your  Military units gain 1% power per 100 Fame
Slidrugtanni 78x78
Slidrugtanni Clan of the Boar
  • Mender's Hut replaces Healer's Hut. Mender's produce +1 Lore while not healing
  • Each additional territory gives +2 max population
  • No Happiness penalties for non-upgraded houses
  • 200 Fame (Heritage): 1 free Lore (doesn't count towards Lore Victory or Blessings)
  • 500 Fame (Greater Blessings): ~Freya: Blizzard Penalty is hugely reduced (50%) ~ Baldr: +5 Happiness ~Jord: Warchief and upgraded tower get +10% Attack

Note: More clans may be added after the official release of the game!