Each game of Northgard has a randomly generated map made up of different types of Area. Your Clan starts with one initial area which contains the Town Hall, 4 additional buildings can be built on this Area.

To Build or claim any resources an Area may have, it must first be Colonized. Each Area has a varying Buildingcapacity Building capacity, ranging from 2 to 4 (the starting Area being an exception) This capacity can be increased once per Area for a price of Kröwns 100 Kröwns.

Base Areas Edit

Limited to one per Area

Additional Area Resources Edit

These can be combined with other base Area types. For example you may find a Forest and Stones in the same Area.

Bonus Areas Edit

Limited to one per map.

Victory Areas Edit

Map special Victory condition must be enabled for a chance of one of these Areas, limited to one per map.

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