There are 34 possible Steam achievements

Image Name Description
Aggressor Aggressor Win with the clan of the Wolf
Bear Hunter Bear Hunter Kill 3 bears in a single game
Berserk Berserk Unlock the Berserker
Dragonslayer Dragonslayer Kill the Wyvern
Expansionist Expansionist Control 15 territories
Explorer Explorer Explore a ruin
Friend of the Jötnar Friend of the Jötnar Unlock the Giant's Warchief
Goat Master Goat Master Have 3 active upgraded Sheepfolds
Great Explorer Great Explorer Explore every zone of Northgard
Great Merchant Great Merchant Achieve a Trade Victory
Guardian Guardian Kill 5 Valkyries in a single game
Iron Miner Iron Miner Mine 150 Iron in a single game
King Of Northgard King Of Northgard Achieve a Fame Victory
Legendary Guardian Legendary Guardian Kill 10 Valkyries in a single game
Lore Seeker Lore Seeker Build a Carved Stone next to the Relic of the Gods
Merchant Merchant Win with the Clan of the Raven
Plowshares to Swords Plowshares to Swords Turn a Farmer into a Warrior
Proud Proud Win with the clan of the Stag
Purge Purge Kill 20 Draugar in a single game
Raider Raider Build 3 Harbors in a single game
Scholar Scholar Have 6 active Runestone or Carved Stones
Slaughterhouse Slaughterhouse Slaughter 8 sheeps in a single game
Squalid Living Squalid Living Build a House in a swamp
Stone Miner Stone Miner Mine 150 Stone in a single game
Storyteller Storyteller Have 5 active Skalds at the same time
Survivor Survivor Win with the clan of the Goat
The Mystic The Mystic Win by taking control of Yggdrasil
The Protector The Protector Win by guarding the Gate of Helheim
The Smith The Smith Win by forging the Sword of Odin
The Wall The Wall Have 7 Defense Towers in your territory
The Wise The Wise Achieve a Wisdom Victory
Trader Trader Have 3 active trade route in a single game
Warlord Warlord Achieve a Domination Victory
Wolf Hunter Wolf Hunter Kill 20 Wolves in a single game

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